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    Sod Installation

    Laying new sod to create a stunning lawn is both an art and a science, and our highly trained sod installation team has perfected both.

    Sod Installation

    Laying new sod to create a stunning lawn is both an art and a science, and our highly trained sod installation team has perfected both.

    The sod we use is of the very highest grade available and we offer a variety of different grasses and turf. After examining the site, we will advise you on the particular type of lawn we recommend for your property.

    Once we determine the best choice for your landscape, we will prepare the site to ensure proper drainage.

    The sod is expertly laid to ensure that a firm bond between the sod and the soil is achieved.

    The sod is laid with careful consideration of the surrounding walkways and buildings, following gradients and curves to ensure visual and aesthetically beautiful lines.

    Our sod laying team takes great care in their work, laying each piece by hand.

    When we have finished laying the sod, we will carefully roll the new lawn to ensure that it will be perfectly level when we are through.

    When we have finished laying the sod, we water your new lawn, fertilize the sod, and carefully roll the new lawn to ensure that it will be perfectly level when we are through.

    The finished product that we hand over to you, our client, never fails to please.

    A rich green lawn that is beautifully contoured and immaculately sculpted immediately enhances the beauty and value of your property.

    Sod comes in several varieties. Some prefer shade, others prefer sun, and others perform well in high traffic areas. If you are thinking about ordering or planting sod, it’s important to know the difference between the varieties. That way, you’ll be able to achieve the lawn you desire in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

    Some turf choices for Northeast Georgia:


    Zoysia has been referred to as the Premier sod. When at its best, Zoysia looks nothing short of spectacular. It is a slow-growing, fine-textured, dense turf grass. Maintenance is similar to that of Bermuda sod; however, Zoysia requires less mowing during the growing season than the other types. It is generally resistant to weeds and can tolerate a high volume of traffic.When properly cared for, Zoysia’s appearance is impeccable, but if not properly maintained, it can gain a semi-dormant look.


    5-6 hours per day


    • Dense, Fine Texture
    • Resistant to Weeds
    • High Drought Tolerance
    • High Shade Tolerance
    • High Traffic Tolerance


    • More Expensive than Other Types
    • Slow to Establish

    Some types of Zoysia sod available are JaMur, Zeon, and Empire.

    Jamur Zoysia is medium textured with a distinctive blue-green color unlike any other zoysia.  Jamur produces a lush, dense turf and offers a rapid recovery rate from traffic.

    Jamur is extremely wear and drought tolerant and possesses much better cold, insect and disease tolerances than the older zoysia varieties. If you are a fan of zoysia, but you insist on greater quality and characteristics, you will want JaMur for your lawn.

    • Natural Blue-Green Color
    • Medium Texture
    • High Density Turf Establishment
    • Extremely Wear Tolerant
    • Exceptional Heat / Drought Tolerance
    • Lower Maintenance
    • Moderate Shade Tolerance
    • High Sun Tolerance
    • High Disease and Pest Tolerance

    Zeon is a new variety that is fast becoming one of the most popular zoysias on the market. Zeon is similar to Emerald in appearance with a fine bladed leaf texture. It is also very shade tolerant and unlike Emerald, Zeon does not have a prickly feel. Produced less thatch than other zoysia varieties except JaMur.

    Zeon is compatible with a wide range of soil conditions. It can handle full sun or light to medium shade. It has good drought tolerance and very few insect or disease problems. A well-maintained lawn will provide the best resistance against weeds, disease and insects. Zeon possess a very dense root system that helps prevent weed problems.

    Empire is a Zoysia grass that has truly raised the bar for warm season turf grass. Empire sod combines soft to the touch feel with lush green color and fine, tight blade growth. Visually, Empire is extremely attractive for any landscaping job. Homeowners also appreciate its many maintenance, environmental, and cost saving advantages. Empire is as hardy as it is attractive, and has a deep, thick root structure that makes it more drought tolerant than other varieties of Zoysia grass, once established.


    Bermuda grass is one of the best choices for a hot, sunny climate.


    Bermuda is the most popular of sod grasses available. It is widely used because of its low maintenance requirements and its good tolerance to regional weather conditions. It is a rapidly spreading variety that becomes extremely dominant and discourages weeds if maintained properly. Bermuda takes root very quickly and grows well in clay conditions.

    It needs less water than other grasses, and its ability to withstand frequent traffic contributes to its desirability. Bermuda sod provides a green dense luster in the growing season and reverts to a light wheat color during its dormant period in the winter months. It is a favorite of golf courses, and again, if maintained properly gives a beautiful appearance.


    10-12 hours per day


    • Least Expensive of the Five Sod Types
    • Low Overall Maintenance
    • Highest Tolerance to Sunlight
    • Good Tolerance to Traffic
    • Takes Root and Spreads Rapidly
    • Aggressive Growth
    • Grows Well in Clay


    • Loses Color During Winter Dormancy


    TifGrand Bermuda – Shade Tolerant Bermuda

    Available Now. TifGrand® Bermuda, a product of world renowned UGA turfgrass breeder Dr. Wayne Hanna, is the first sterile triploid shade tolerant Bermuda. It has superior insect and disease resistance, and fewer seedheads than other varieties.

    TifGrand® is a darker green than Tifway or TifSport, and will only be sold as certified Bermuda. TifGrand® was evaluated for nine years on golf courses and in research studies before its release in Summer 2010. TifGrand® is grown year-round at NG turf and can be installed as dormant sod during the winter months.

    Sod is the best way for instant beauty and a lush yard. Water the sod as you lay it. Do not wait until you are finished to water it. It will take about two to three weeks for complete establishment.

    Recommended mowing height is ½ to 1 ½ inches, removing no more than 1/3 total height at one time. In the spring do not apply nitrogen containing fertilizers until the soil temperature at 4 inches is 65 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Ideal pH for bermudas is 5.5 – 6.5. Follow fertilizer recommendations on soil test report. You can do this through your local county extension agent.


    Fescue is a fast-growing turf that is green the full year around. Because of its continual luster and performance throughout every season, Fescue has become a popular choice of industrial and commercial customers.

    The varieties of Fescue have been continuously refined, producing better and better qualities. Fescue sod is generally grown with a blend of three or more varieties in order to increase appearance benefits and decrease vulnerability to disease.

    Today’s varieties have become much more tolerant of sun, heat, watering conditions, and cutting methods. While Fescue is the most shade tolerant of all sod types, it can still become weakened or damaged with too much shade.


    4-5 hours per day


    • Green Throughout the Year
    • Highest Level of Shade Tolerance
    • Fast Growing
    • Improved Tolerance to Weather Conditions
    • Can be established by Seeding (Although Time Consuming)


    • High Maintenance
    • Requires Heavy Watering During Warm Season
    • Does Not Spread

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